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A basic Dermaplane session that includes an anti-oxidant or gold collagen mask to boost the skins complexion

Enjoy smooth, clear skin with a Dermaplane session that removes the top layer of villous hair & dead skin cells to reveal a brighter looking complexion, includes a cleanse, tone & exfoliation


- including an Enzyme Peel Mask £40


Need a quick fix to brighten your complexion... look no further than the Mini Facial which includes luxurious facial steaming, double cleansing, exfoliation & a mask treatment to treat your skin concerns in a flash

- 30 minutes -


Relax with the Signature Facial which includes luxurious facial steaming, double cleansing and gentle exfoliation. A lymphatic massage for the face, neck and shoulders using hand techniques to increase blood flow, reduce swelling an aid removal of waste products from the body tissue by reducing fluid build up. Jade Rollers & Gua Sha tools are used to help with lymphatic drainage and act as a natural alternative to botox.  A specialised mask treatment is included to prep & perfect your skin

- 45 minutes -


The ultimate treat to combat your skin concerns by pampering yourself with a Skin Perfecting Facial to cleanse pores, tighten fine lines & wrinkles, as well as clearing redness and imperfections - includes a full Signature Facial with the added benefits of:

+ Extraction to remove stubborn blackheads and whiteheads

+ A Sonic Scrub to quickly and thoroughly clean up dirt and corneous ageing substance deep in the skin using ultrasonic high frequency

+ LED light therapy to specifically target areas of concern using a gentle, non invasive, safe practice.

- 80 minutes -

- include Dermaplaning onto a facial for £20 -

- please add 35 minutes onto your treatment time -



Treat your specific skin concerns with a non invasive, safe & gentle varying wavelength treatment with 7 options to choose from. Regenerate the skin from ageing, acne, scarring, redness, pigmentation and dark spots and feel an overwhelming sense of calmness and relaxation. A mix of wavelengths/colours can be used to treat multiple concerns.

A course of 6-8 treatments are recommended to see the full benefits

Single LED Light Therapy Session (20 minutes) £25

6 Week Course (6 x 20 minutes) £110 - saves £40

8 Week Course (8 x 20 minutes) £130 - saves £70

- A single sessions of LED Light Therapy can be added onto any facial or dermaplane treatment for £10 -

- please add 20 minutes onto your treatment -

All facial treatments are tailored specifically to your skin type & skin concerns, a consultation will be completed on your booking

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