Amy Louise Recommends: 5 Favourite Products for Dry/Combination Skin.

We all have different skin types right? Some of us have dry skin, some oily and a lot of us have sensitive skin. It's totally normal to have a variation of skin types on different areas of your face, this is classed as combination skin. In order for us to try and treat our skin problems we need to use products that are specifically made for each skin type. I have combination skin, around my t-zone which is across my forehead, down my nose, and my chin are oily where as my cheeks and under my eyes are dry/very dry. I can find it quite difficult to find products that are suitable, most products aimed at dry/very dry skin is usually extremely hydrating which is great for my dry areas but for the oilier areas on my face it actually makes things worse. I've recently found a really good mix of products that I've been loving for my specific skin type and I'm going to share them with you!

1. Skin Active Micellar Oil-Infused Cleanser - Garnier

This is my all time favourite cleanser, I've tried so many different types of cleansers and it was really difficult to find a cleanser that didn't dry my skin out even more. The Garnier Oil-Infused Cleanser is specifically for dry and sensitive skin which removes waterproof make-up and is non-greasy. The best thing about this cleanser is it doesn't need rinsing so its fab to take on the move. The 400ml bottle usually lasts me around a month using it mainly at night time to remove my make-up. It's a simple as shaking the bottle, putting some on a cotton pad and wiping your make-up away with no harsh rubbing! Since using this cleanser I've notice that my dry patches are much better and my skin is so hydrated.

Where to buy :

£5.99 (400ml)

2. Ultrabland Cleanser - LUSH

A cult product from LUSH, the Ultrabland cleanser is another favourite of mine, firstly because its packed with natural ingredients and is vegan. It's made with almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey and removes all traces of dirt on your face. It's super gentle and quite oily in texture, great for dry skin but doesn't leave the skin greasy after use. After using this cleanser I can guarantee I have absolutely no make-up left on my skin and it feels clean and moisturised. I use this cleanser both day and night by taking a small amount in my fingertips and massaging it into dry skin, then using a hot flannel I will gently remove the cleanser. This is also safe to use over the eyes to remove mascara and eyeshadow. It is slightly more expensive than the Garnier cleanser but totally worth it!

Where to buy:

£7.95 (45g)

3. Original Face and Body Moisturiser - Astral

If you've had a chance to read my blog 'How to prep for a night out' you'll know that I'm obsessed with this moisturiser. If you have dry/very dry skin you cannot go wrong with this one. It's possibly the thickest moisturiser I've ever used and is extremely hydrating. It's a firm favourite amongst various celebrities including Sam Faiers who always layers this on before make-up. It was created in 1950 and the formulation has never changed it's that good. It's versatile and can be used for not only the face but also on the body and for all ages. I use this moisturiser both day and night as it sits perfectly under make up if you want a glowy look as well as being an amazing overnight hydrating cream. It can be quite greasy however when applied so if you do have very oily areas on your face I'd recommend maybe only using this at night or on just the dry patches! It's unbelievably cheap for the size pot you get which lasts forever!

Where to buy:

£3.89 (200ml)

4. Photofinish Primer Oil - Smashbox

I can't do my make-up without this product, if I do my foundation sticks to all my dry patches. I've only recently started using this after I'd heard loads of really great reviews, it smells amazing, is ultra light and absorbs very quickly into the skin. It's a face oil that you can use after applying moisturiser but also doubles as a primer when worn under make-up. When I use this under my foundation I get a dewy youthful glow regardless of the finish of the foundation, I can get away with using a more matte foundation when I have used the primer oil first. Not only does it help keep your make-up in place is also gets to work hydrating your skin underneath. It is a slightly more pricey product but again deffinately worth investing in if you have dry skin and lasts a pretty long time if you use it every day.

Where to buy:

£30 (30ml)

5. Skin Base Foundation - Illamasqua

My ultimate foundation for dry/combination skin, it's got such good coverage whilst still looking like skin. It's a luminous-matte finish with a massive range of shades for you to choose from with different undertones so you'll definitely find one that will suit your skin. I find that with a lot of foundations no matter how 'luminous' they are still stick to the dry areas of my face but Illamasqua's Skin Base does the complete opposite! If you're looking for a lightweight finish that is easily blendable with other make-up then give this one a try, I'm yet to find a foundation I love more at the moment. It has vitamin C and E which boosts the skin as well as smoothing and softening it. If you're unsure of your shade best thing to do is head to your closest Illamasqua counter to get matched up, I'm currently shade 6.5 (olive with a yellow undertone) and I am slightly more tanned that usual however I do like to mix this foundation with the Maybelline Fit Me in a darker shade to find the perfect one!

Where to buy:

£33 (30ml)

There are my 5 top products for dry/combination skin that I CANNOT live without. I'm constantly on the lookout for new products to try so if you do have the same skin type as me and you can recommend a few for me please do! Also let me know if you give any of these a try and wether you like them as much as me :)

A xx

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