My 2018 'Perfect Base' Favourites

2018 was a great year for makeup brands across the world and many CULT products were created and loved. I thought I'd put together a list of my favourite products for the perfect base that I use as a personal consumer and also as a working makeup artist. Some are products that were new in 2018 and some are products that I tried and loved for the first time!



Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with skincare products, my bathroom cabinet is full of various cleansers, toners, moisturisers and eye creams and I'm always looking for samples of new products. I do believe that once you have found a good routine with products that work for you its best to stick to them, however, with the advancing technology in skincare it's always interesting to try something new to see if it works better for you. Let's not forget that most skincare products need to be tested for at least 4 weeks to see the true results, this takes commitment to make sure your using your skincare products properly especially when you just want to get into bed as quickly as possible!

1. Ultrabland Cleanser - Lush £8.25 (4.5g)

Okay, so if you've read my previous skincare blogs you know this is not technically a 2018 favourite... It's my ALL TIME favourite cleanser because it's just that good. I hate the faff of double cleansing or having to use a separate eye makeup remover as it just takes up too much time and too much product, this cleanser thoroughly removes all traces of makeup gently and effectively without being too harsh on the skin. It's packed full of super ingredients such as almond oil and beeswax which leaves your skin nourished and hydrated.

Best Used: use a grape sized amount on dry skin and massage across the face and eyes, rinse a muslin cloth or flannel under warm water and squeeze excess water out, use the muslin/flannel to gently buff away the cleanser and makeup, finish by patting your face with a clean towel

2. Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution - The Ordinary £6.75 (240ml)

Toners are usually a hit or miss product in my daily skincare routine, I often find they are a waste of time and do more harm than good in drying out my skin. The reason I love this toner is because it contains something called Glycolic Acid, an ingredient that is anti ageing, helps to lighten discolourations and can help to reduce blackheads by keeping pores clear of oil and dirt. It also contains an alpha hydroxyl acid which mildly exfoliates the skins surface to remove dead skin cells, this helps to reduce the overall texture of the skin. I recommend to use this toner gradually starting once a day, at night, after your cleanser, then after a week or two build up to twice a day. The toner does sting when you apply especially if you have blemishes so do be aware of this but it's worth it for the benefits of reduced redness, improved skin texture and an overall glow appearance!

Best Used: Soak a cotton pad with the toner and swipe across the face focussing on the t-zone area (forehead, nose & chin) or areas where you have increased blemishes or discolouration



Primers are one of the most debated products on the cosmetic market and the one product as a Makeup Artist I would say I discuss the most with my clients while doing their makeup. There is question wether you actually need a primer and if it's just another excessive product to spend your money on. My overall opinion is that a primer is definitely needed if you have anything other than 'normal' skin. As a MUA it's a valuable tool to I can use to combat my client's skin issues in an instant such as large pores, redness, excessive oil or dry skin. Personally, I believe that a primer also acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup which in turn reduces blocked pores causing blackheads and blemishes. It also helps to add adherence to the skins surface and helps to keep the foundation from seperating and causing patchiness.

Infallible Primer Shots Luminising Primer - L'Oreal Paris £8.99 (20ml)

I have tried plenty of high end expensive primers that claim to magically enhance your skin in an instant that don't work. I have dry/combination skin like to have a dewy, glowy look when using makeup especially when I use a full coverage foundation that is slightly more matte in texture. I bought this primer without doing any research as it was part of a 3 for 2 offer and I can happily say it is the best primer I have ever used. It leaves my skin looking like a glowing disco ball that is hydrated and smooth. It's ultra lightweight and you can layer on top without it becoming a cakey mess! It's super affordable and works really well with every single foundation I've ever used..

Best Used: Apply a small amount to your finger tips and massage across the face after moisturiser



2018 was the year of foundations, there were so many foundations created last year that it is really hard to look back and pick my favourites. Foundation is a staple in many women's makeup kits and can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin but it is really difficult to choose the correct texture and shade. I love the fact that many brands have brought out an inclusive shade range on their foundations especially Rihanna's beauty brand Fenty Beauty, they created their Pro Filt'r Foundation with 50 SHADES! I have always been a 'foundation snob' and I believe that high end foundations do ultimately last longer and I would rather pay slightly more to use less.

Born This Way Foundation - Too Faced £29 (30ml)

Throw away every single foundation you have in your makeup bag and get to your nearest stockist to buy this foundation. This is THE foundation of the year by far, it is perfect for every single skin type and has the most amazing buildable coverage which means you can use it day to day or for full glam! Foundation is my most tested product I would say as I am extremely fussy, I've spent a lot of money on various products to find the perfect one and now I can finally stop looking (for now). Too Faced have also brought out a matching concealer which can be multi used for highlighting and contouring which I am yet to try!

Best Used: Apply one pump on the back of your hand and apply with a brush for a medium coverage or with a damp beauty blender/sponge for a full coverage, repeat if necessary to build to the desired coverage.



Concealer is not a product I will use every single day, however, when I do use them they are perfect for covering up dark circles, redness and blemishes or increase the coverage in certain areas. Again, 2018 saw many cult concealers being created and if you are someone who keeps up to date then you'll know my top pick before you've even seen it!

Conceal & Define Concealer - Revolution £4.00

Yes, you've read it right, £4 for the best concealer of 2018. If you haven't heard about this concealer then you have been hiding under a rock, it's the product that put the brand Revolution at the height of drugstore makeup stardom and massively increased their profile and sales. Revolution are known for basically ripping off high end brands with most usually a much poorer product for cheaper, however, when this concealer came on the market it was obvious that their formula was a match for the more expensive 'Tarte Shape Tape' that they were comparing it to. I have tried and tested the Shape Tape concealer myself and can happily say I loved it, the coverage was amazing and their was a large amount of product but it was expensive. I have also tried and tested the Conceal & Define concealer and have gone through quite a few tubes for both myself and my clients. They have a huge shade range to match all skin tones and they are perfect for using as a cream contour at a fraction of the price.

Best Used: For highlighting areas use two shades lighter under the eyes, on the forehead and over the chin, For contour use two shades darker under the cheekbones and around the hairline for a sculpted look and blend in with either a soft brush or beauty blender/sponge.



For years I didn't think I needed powder, I have dry/combination skin and the excessive use of powder can turn me into a patchy mess. If the correct powder is used in the correct areas depending on your skin type it can be the difference between your makeup lasting for three hours or thirteen hours.

1. Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder - Charlotte Tilbury £34 (8g)

Charlotte Tilbury is known for her flawless celebrity makeovers and this powder is probably her go-to product. It's really finely milled which means that you can continue to layer this powder in the same area and it does not get cakey. It's perfect if you have dry skin as it isn't too mattifying but helps to set your makeup in place and can be used for touch ups later in the day. It comes in three different shades and is pricey however, a little goes a long way so you won't be disappointed.

Best Used: For a light coverage use a soft fluffy brush over the areas that you need to set or mattify, for a heavier coverage use a damp beauty blender/sponge and stamp it into the powder then press against the skin.

2. Translucent Setting Powder - Laura Mercier £30 (29g)

Another cult makeup product that you would of seen every youtuber and blogger raving about over 2018 and for good reason. For an all rounder powder this is by far the best, it is translucent which means that it is suitable for almost all skin tones and for the darker skin tones they have a medium/deep shade. It's amazing for 'baking' under the eyes to reduce creasing as it can be brushed away easily and it instantly blurs pores and fine lines.

Best Used: To lightly set the face use a large powder brush and sweep across the skin, to bake under the eyes use a damp beauty blender/sponge and dip into the powder completely coating the sponge then press under the eyes and leave the excess powder until ready to brush away.


That brings to an end my 'Perfect Base' favourites, they are the ultimate go-to products to create a flawless base ready for the rest of your makeup! A x

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