The burning question: Why is Bridal Makeup more expensive than Occasion Makeup?!

This is a question lots of MUA's often hear or get asked, it can be a touchy subject between Bridal Clients & Professional MUA's and it is often far too complicated to explain. There are lots of reasons why Bridal Makeup is more expensive than just normal occasion makeup and until it is explained in detail it's hard to see why. Most people think that anything with 'wedding' attached is massively overpriced and that can be true!

To me, Bridal Makeup is one of my specialities. I love weddings, I love the atmosphere in the morning, listening to the funny stories that are passed around and making the Bride & Bridesmaids feel special on the day. It should be special, for most your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event where you should feel like an absolute princess. I take tremendous care in all of the Bridal makeup that I do, wether it is a small wedding or a huge affair with 10 Bridesmaids! Yes, I always take pride in my work and I like to make sure the makeup application is perfect even with Occasion makeup but there is a difference when it comes to Bridal makeup. Bridal makeup is scrutinised, by the Bridal party first of all, the mother/father of the bride who have always pictured what their daughter will look like on their big day, by the groom who has been waiting all morning to see their bride walk down the aisle towards them and most importantly by the wedding photographers/videographers who will capture memories that will last forever. This is a huge aspect in Bridal makeup, the makeup must be 'photo ready', this often means being extremely particular about which products to use and making sure that every angle of the face is perfect. As a Makeup Artist you do naturally spend more time on Bridal makeup than you would Occasion makeup and this is a factor that goes towards the cost. Another huge factor is the sheer planning and time it takes to organise each individual Bridal party. Most people who aren't self employed don't realise that your job is not 9-5, sometimes you find yourself spending hours in the evening responding to the messages, organising the Bridal trials and the wedding details, creating invoices and receipts, finding specific products for your Bridal client and ensuring you have all the information to meet the clients needs and expectations. All of this time spent organising has an effect on the cost of the Bridal makeup compared to an Occasion makeup that is booked in by one message and the Client turning up on the day. As said before, being a self employed Makeup Artist is no where near a 9-5 job. Most Bridal parties have a large number of people wanting their makeup done in a specific timescale. It is massive pressure to make sure that everyone is happy and on time, it's working in a less relaxed atmosphere and standing up for a long period of time. It hurts, bending over for long periods of time standing does cause back ache and the immense concentration it takes for each makeup application does take a tole and often causes headaches and dizziness. We as MUA's don't often have time to stop and have a quick break to have a glass of water even as much as we want too because the most important thing is making sure that everyone is on time and happy, because that's what you paid for... right?! Almost every wedding I've been too has started at 7am, some with a travel time of 45 minutes either side, definitely outside of the usual 9-5 business. MUA's who 'specialise' in Bridal makeup have had lots of experience in Bridal makeup and have most likely spent years perfecting their trade. Clients of course, don't see the countless hours of practice we spend to make sure that your Bridal makeup is exactly how you want it to be, it takes a while to work out which products go with which or for which skin type and techniques that enhance makeup in professional photography. If you have had your makeup done professionally you will know the massive difference compared to doing it yourself with the overall look of the makeup and how long it stays on for. Lots of MUA's spend time and a lot of money attending wedding fairs to help get their business off the ground and their name heard or if not advertisement in local papers or local events that again can cost money. It's all of this background 'working' that makes Bridal makeup different to normal Occasion makeup! Bridal makeup is ultimately the most important makeup you will ever wear. They say that on your wedding day you should feel like 'the most beautiful version of yourself' and as your Makeup Artist we want to make sure that you do feel truly special. Don't think that this post is to complain and moan about Bridal makeup or Bridal clients because as I've said before Bridal makeup is my FAVOURITE type of makeup to do. Yes, it may be difficult and tiring but what job isn't?! Personally this isn't a job for me, this is my hobby, my obsession, my life and who wouldn't want to go to work everyday thinking I can't wait to get there! I'm so lucky to have a job that I LOVE and I'm so excited to grow my business further especially with all of my gorgeous Bridal clients, but when you think in your head 'Why is Bridal Makeup more expensive that Occasion Makeup?!' or you ask your potential Makeup Artist 'Can I just have the Occasion Makeup instead because it's cheaper' remember that it's not just the makeup application that is part of the price! A x

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